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No material aspect of your organization has a more lasting and profound impact than its documentation. Personnel may come and go, products, services, and policies may change, but your documentation establishes a living paper trail of your company's operations.


Ask the Doc Doc

What makes for a good
documentation system?

  • Have a defined process for developing & releasing
  • Have a workable numbering system
  • Have a good archiving system
  • Have a centralized storage system
  • Have a tracking database
  • Make the documents accessible, yet secure
  • Are written with a consistent content standard
  • Use words & acronyms correctly & consistently
  • Support the organization's processes
  • Enhance the organization's image
  • Be maintained by people with the knowledge, responsibility, and authority to administer the system
  • Only contain documents with a uniform style & appearance
  • Must be user friendly


Documentation: Then and Now

Then: Documentation was simple and straightforward.

Now: Documentation is considerably more complex.


Temp Ramp-up Package
For the workers to be productive in the shortest time possible, the employer should have a package “on the shelf” to provide to the contract employees. We will create a customized package, which will guide you through the whole process, from preparing for the interviews, through the training process, to the final day check-off list.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Merging documentation systems along with merging companies is usually a daunting task. We provide turn-key integration services to combine dissimilar documentation systems.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Publicly held corporations must have documentation controls in place for internal financial information that affects the accuracy of corporate financial reports. We provide documentation processes and procedures tailored to your company's exact needs to meet the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

ISO 9001-2000
ISO requires specific documentation, processes, and procedures to meet and maintain the ISO certification requirements. We provide assistance for the analysis, development, and implementation services to help your company successes in its ISO certification.

Supply Chain
Many manufacturers use just-in-time delivery of raw materials, subassemblies, and modules. The real-time documentation reporting and tracking provides the information needed to monitor this process. We provide the analysis and implantation you need to make this system work efficiently.

Whenever organizations establish information processing partnerships with outside teams, whether down the street or across oceans, it's the on-line documents that ensure a smooth and timely flow of information. We work with you to make sure that there is a timely and available flow of information.

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